About Me

Hello, my name is Ace, and I try every day to be a good writer.  Most of the time, I spend my day taking an idea or image that someone has and putting it into words.  At best, my writing is mediocre, but I somehow manage to make a living doing it.about1

Personally, I believe that everyone on the planet has a God-given talent.  Everyone has something that they’re particularly good at, which by design, when combined into the greater whole, gives this place its exciting dynamic.  Mine, ironically, isn’t writing at all (at least I never thought so)….it’s art.  I can literally draw or paint anything, probably because I’m one of those people that notices all the details.  I’ve done 3D modeling and skinning, murals, and works in many mediums.  Unfortunately, and probably to the dismay of many that are close to me, I don’t often use that talent….but I’d like to….it just doesn’t pay the bills.

I’ve never written a personal blog before, so if my words or ideas seem jumbled, it’s more than likely do to my inexperience, and just how my thought process works…which, I admit, can be all over the map.  My intent isn’t really so much to make this about my personal life and those details, because really…I could be anyone….a friend, a neighbor, or even a co-worker.  The point I want to focus on is what the “any man” might be thinking as part of that journey.

In addition, I want to add notes that I’ve compiled over the years that help me escape those “brain fog” moments when I’m falling out of that “zone” while writing, or when I just can’t grasp that feeling, emotion, or vision that I want to instill in the reader.  I make no claims on originality, as most everything here is just information sifted from the vast space of our great internet.

Thanks for stopping by, and I sincerely hope what you find will get your keyboard clicking, or at the very least, be something you’d enjoy glancing at over a cup of joe.